Scientists To Print Robotic Dinos From Bone Scans

February 24, 2012


Paleontologists at Drexel University have developed a means of scanning fossilized dinos, then printing accurate reproductions of their bones to assemble into accurately-moving robotic dinosaurs. No word if they plan on adding skin to them, but I'm not into the bony look. Am I, T-Rex? I SAID FINISH THAT STEGOSAURUS CARCASS.

The researchers, from Philadelphia's Drexel University, are using 3D printing to create dino-bones and then attaching artificial muscles and tendons to create dinosaur robots.

"Technology in paleontology hasn't changed in about 150 years," paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara said. "We use shovels and pickaxes and burlap and plaster. It hasn't changed - until right now."

Because universities and museums generally frown on folks who want to experiment on actual fossilised bones, Lacovara used the printed bones to test out theories of how dinosaurs moved and stood and did the wild thing and other things boffins like to know.

Oh I want to test out some theories on how they moved alright -- in the sack. "Dinosaurs don't sleep in beds." Well they do in mine! Plus sometimes get up in the middle of the night to use my bathroom. "Jesus -- there's piss everywhere!" T-rexes, bro -- can't reach their peenors.

Xeroxiraptor: Boffins to print 3D robot dinosaur [theregister]

Thanks to Victor, Jonathan, cents, Lex, Ryoma, and Ad & Nav, most of which asked how I feel about robotic dinosaurs. Hey -- beggars can't be choosers. Spare some change?

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