Scientists Reconstruct Speech From Brain Activity

February 2, 2012


Soon scientists may be able to create brain-monitoring technology that will allow us to recreate the speech a person is thinking. This will be particularly useful for those who have been left unable to talk but still have fully functional brains. Like this one I've been keeping alive in a jar. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! *lightning and thunder crashes for effect*

"We're looking at which brain sites become active. Because we can determine some association between those brain sites and different frequencies, we can watch what brain sites are turning on and off for these recordings, and that lets us map back to the sound," he said.

Since neurologists can know the frequencies of certain phonemes -- specific language sounds -- this cortical spectroscopy can decode which sounds, and then perhaps which words, a person is hearing. Pasley compared it to piano playing: "If you're an expert pianist, you know what musical notes are associated with each piano key, and you understand that relationship between the key and the sound," he said. "If you turn the sound off, and have the pianist watch which piano keys are being pressed, this expert would have an idea what sound is being played even though they can't hear anything."

Admittedly, this does sound promising for folks in recovery situations and Stephen Hawking, but would actually serve little to no purpose for someone like myself who wears his brain on his sleeve. Know what I'm saying? I'm saying I have no filter. Or butthole so I have to wear diapers. See? Perfect example.

Translating Brain Waves to Reconstruct Sounds and Conversations You've Heard [popsci]

Thanks to Mycropht, Asbo and lisa, who have already starting practicing thinking nonsense so the spies won't be able to get any information out of them when they're captured.

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