Sadness: 15-Minutes of Worf Being Put Down, Denied, And Made Fun Of In Star Trek: The Next Generation

February 21, 2012


Seen here trying to look at both of us at the same time, this is a video containing "pretty much every denial" of Lieutenant Worf throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation. How he never goes Planet Express on everyone (get it? like going postal but in the future!) and kills them all is beyond me, but I guess he has more self control than I'd imagined. Maybe that extra, mountainous part of his brain contains a calming lobe or something. I dunno, alien anatomy isn't really my forte. *greeting Martian ambassador* "Pssssst, GW -- you're shaking his dingaling." Trust me, this is how interplanetary treaties get signed.

Hit the jump for 15-minutes of Worf sadness.


Thanks to Evil Ares, who's so evil he loves watching stuff like this. Also: videos of stupid people hurting themselves. Okay now that I can get into.

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