Reporter Tracks Down Notoriously Racist Internet Troll

February 9, 2012


Seen here looking exactly how I'd imagine a piece of shit internet troll would (okay, maybe a little older), Darren Burton (aka Facebook user Nimrod Severn), is confronted by a reporter about the offensive (and often racist) comments he leaves on the memorial pages of the recently deceased. Things go about how you'd expect considering Darren is a 41-YEAR OLD with nothing better to do than troll Facebook pages. Trolls, man -- they're why we can't have nice things. They're always hiding under their little bridge just waiting to ruin things for everybody who has to pass over them. God, how about you stop being such a nancy and crawl out from under that bridge AND SAY IT TO SOMEBODY'S FACE. "Fine, maybe I will." Good! "I hate you and I ha..." HOOOOOOOOOOONK! *GW drives 18-wheeler straight through butthole like a mountain tunnel* Did somebody saying something? I had my trucker music up full blast. *peels out in a blaze of chrome mudflap girls*

Hit the jump for the damn, just go die bro. Living to troll ain't f***ing living.

Internet Troll IRL of the Day []

Thanks to Liz, who agrees the only good trolls are the little dolls with the crazy hair whose bellies you're supposed to rub for good luck or whatever. Me? I just ate their hair.

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