Ready My Flying Mount!: Medieval Batman Armor

February 22, 2012


From DeviantARTist Azmal (the same leather-worker who brought us the suit of lion armor) comes this Dark KNIGHT inspired getup. I would wear it. I would wear it, and I would charge neighborhood kids $1 apiece to throw dirt clumps at me. Then I would take all those dollars and go by myself a bottle of liquor. Then I'd go to the graveyard and cry.

Hit the jump for a couple more including one of the bat paying his respects to his parents (kidding, totally somebody else's grave) and a link to the artist's DeviantART with a ton more worthwhile armor (check out the gryphon and dragon helmets).




Azmal's DeviantART
Product Site (to get your own!)
Medieval Batman Armor [geeksaresexy]

Thanks to Jot, who doesn't need to wear armor because he can create force-fields with magic.

  • painweaver

    wish it came in plate.

  • LOVE IT!!!

  • Jadis

    epic armor

  • Suit deserves better photos --too sunny!

  • rikster81

    therr you go!! a new comic book idea, batman set in the middle ages

  • n_a_a_s

    I agree with everyone who said it looks too sauron inspired, but what I dont understand is the giant dick-tie schlong that's going to trip and kill batman as soon as he chases the joker

  • Emmitt Morgans

    The Black Knight meets the Dark Knight (meets the Lord of the Rings):

     "C'mon you pansy... WHERE IS HE!?  (I SEE YOU!!!!)"

  • Carlos

    This looks more like Sauron.

  • David Lerer

    Also looks like Ebony armor from Skyrim

  • This would make one hell of a halloween costume

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