Protection Sock: The Sock That's Worn As A Shoe

February 13, 2012


Inb4 what's next, wearing panties for pants? Because I hope so.

This is the Protection Sock, a pair of extra-durable socks that prevent cuts, etc. and are meant to be worn instead of shoes because, you know, shoes are reaaaaally f***ing complicated. *eying knotted laces* I wasn't joking.

The socks are made from 8 percent spandex, 10 percent cotton, 32 percent polyester, and the most important ingredient, 50 percent kevlar. The bottoms have also been reinforced with a PVC laminate that helps make them cut-resistant. So your feet will feel as close to being naked while still having some level of protection. Just remember, the socks aren't cut-proof, so walking on broken glass or jagged rocks is still going to be risky.

Each pair runs about $78, and apparently requires a bit of practice to get used to walking in them.

LOLWUT @ "requires a bit of practice to get used to walking in". They're a tough pair of socks, not antigravity boots -- what could be so hard about wearing them? *trips down stairs* "Smooth bro." Flip-flops are completely different!

Hit the jump for a video demo and a link to the product site.

Product Site
Would You Wear An Extra Tough Pair Of Socks Instead Of Shoes? [gizmodo]

Thanks to Stephen, who wears underewa

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