Prehistoric Croc Had "Mate-Attracting" Skin Helmet

February 6, 2012


Researchers in Africa have unearthed the remains of a prehistoric crocodile they believe attracted mates with the use an ornate "skin helmet". *eyeballing picture* Nope -- those eyes are waaaaaay too close together for my taste.

By looking at the blood-vessel scarring on the skull, the boffins figured out that the croc had a circular mound of skin on its head, which has never been seen before in crocodiles. This "shield" was probably used to attract mates and intimidate enemies, and could also have had a biological function as a thermo-regulator to stop the croc becoming too hot-headed.

Analysing the skull also led the researchers to guess that the size of the prehistoric beast was somewhere in the region of 30 feet long, five feet of which was just its head.

Damn -- a five-foot long head? That's huge! And to think I've always been self-conscious about my forehead. "That's because you pass out drunk and people draw penises on it." Ahahahahahha -- HAIRY ONES. F*** I need to find some new friends. AND A JOB. Get it? They found out I do nothing but write Geekologie all day.

Boffins find prehistoric croc species with 'mate-attracting' skin helmet

Thanks to SaraDevil, not to be confused with SaraAngel, who won't try to trick you out of your soul.

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