Point Me To The Rave!: GloSpex Light-Up Sunglasses

February 1, 2012


Note: Actual screencap. I know it's hard to believe technology has actually come this far but it has.

Empty your pockets. Nothing but ecstasy pills and glowsticks? Congratulations, you're a raver. Me? *punching holes through walls* I'm a rager. YOU WANNA TAKE THIS OUTSIDE, CHEESEWEASEL? GloSpex are light-up sunglasses that you can see through without seeing the light the people staring at you whispering how fresh-to-death you look do. I dunno, something about physics. Something else about physics? Light is actually made from bits of burning paper.

Hit the jump for a video demonstration and a link to the Kickstarter page. Donations receiving glasses start at a paltry $20.

GloSpex Kickstarter Page
GloSpex light-up shades come from an alternate cyberpunk reality [dvice]

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