Piece Of Cake Piggy-Backs: World's New Shortest Man

February 27, 2012


Chandra Bahadur Dangi has officially been crowned the NEW world's shortest man (and is even smaller than the shortest woman), at a scant 54.6-cm (21.5") tall. Just kidding, they didn't give him a crown -- it was a thimble! Just kidding, he only got some lame-ass certificate. :/

Chandra has five brothers and two sisters, according to Guinness. He is a weaver by trade, but also cares for his family and helps look after the village's buffaloes and cows.

"I'm very happy that I'm being recognized by Guinness World Records and that my name will be written in book," Chandra said after he was awarded the two Guinness certificates. "It's a big thing for my family, my village and my country. I am very happy."

According to Guinness, Chandra claims weigh 14.5 kilogram, or 32 pounds.

Did I mention Chandra is 72 years old? Because I bet he was taller when he was younger but shrank in his old age. I bet he was like, five-foot at one point. "You know, GW -- you're so f***ing stupid sometimes it actually pains me." Pains YOU? I touched the stove this morning cooking oatmeal!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the eensy weensy.




Nepalese man named shortest ever in history [cnn]
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Thanks to Guarev and Evil Ares, who both wrote Chandra asking if he'd be willing to be a Yoda prop for their Star Wars Halloween costumes. OH COME ON!

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