OMGWTF VW AT-AT: Volkswagen Bus AT-AT Walker

February 21, 2012


This is a Volkswagen bus AT-AT spotted by long time tech journalist Jack Schofield. Or maybe he didn't actually take the picture, maybe he just posted it on his Twitter to make people THINK he took the picture. I've done that before. "The one of the boobs?" Haha, yeah -- the one of the boobs. :(

Jack's Twitter
Volkswagen Imperial Walker [nerdapproved]

Thanks to Nina, who wouldn't hesitate to stomp an Ewok village in that thing demanding their gold. Jesus -- they're not f***ing Leprechauns!


    Too cool. But I gotta know- I'm a scale model freak and a freak in general and there's something about it that makes me think the VW bus is too "thick" and I'd swear the bottom is from an old AMT Star Wars model Kit. Like it's a cool forced perspective shot. Anybody know? In any case it's very cool and nice photography!


    Oh- I guess I should've read a little more before asking dumb questions.. Duh. Lol

  • disqus_P6kRfZgucp

    hi , i am the builder.
    it's a 1/18e solido model combined with a AT-AT scale model (1/24e)

  • artilleryboy

    To bad it doesnt walk. That would be awesome

  • DarkRyNo

    ah well... we all doomed now!

  • haha nice!

  • Cute Star Wars stuff has pretty much killed the franchise for me.

    This. This is pretty rad, though.

  • rikster81

    just plain awesome!!

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