OMG, I'm Gonna Put TONS Of Eyes Out: DIY Airsoft Machine Gun Made With Air Compressor & Soda Bottle

February 13, 2012


This is a homemade Airsoft machine gun made out of a 20-oz soda bottle and air compressor. It...shoots pretty fast. Granted you'll have to lug an air compressor around with you in the battlefield in order to use it, but, I dunno, maybe you can mount the whole thing to the top of a golf cart or something. I don't know what you Airsoft people are into! I've only played once and quit right after I got shot in the leg and called my mom crying to come get me. I'm not proud about it, but she did take me for ice cream after to cheer me up.

Hit the jump for a video demo and tutorial to make your own.

Make your own Airsoft machine gun with a soda bottle [geek]

Thanks to sprinkles, who shot an arrow through my heart like Cupid but wasn't wearing a diaper with fat-rolls hanging over, so even MORE romantic.

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