Official Portal Gun Replicas Available For Preorder

February 9, 2012


While nowhere near as impressive as some of the fan-made ones we've seen, this officially licensed full-scale Portal gun replica is now available for preorder from Hobby Search for around $170. It lights up orange and blue but is otherwise ENTIRELY NON-FUNCTIONAL. What a ripoff. Per terribly translated product description:

Beautiful woven ─ ─ curve, the mobile device space of a dream

- Puzzle action game masterpiece of VALVE, [PORTAL]! There is no guy does not start,
"Cancer incidence portal" is "Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device" thing, Prop rainy day
Appearance is made to the replica!
- Intact during the game, the mobile device space of a dream that brings together the technology's science aperture
Fully reproduced. Light blue and orange is equipped with the gimmick of course.
Can enjoy the beautiful design of unique products VALVE, fan is a must-see item.

Granted for $170 I don't expect a fully operational Portal gun, but I do expect something that can at least create SOME size of Portal. Even something big enough to throw action figures through would be cool. You know, take playtime to a whole new level.

Hit the jump for the gun glowing blue and a link to the product page.


Hobby Search Product Site

Thanks to ChaosLex, who prefers to create portals the old fashioned way: with a case of Redbull and his fists.

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