Newlyweds First Dance To 'The Dragonborn Comes'

February 7, 2012


This is a video of a couple dancing their first dance to a cover of Skyrim's 'The Dragonborn Comes' by Malukah. It's actually a pretty beautiful song and, lyrics aside, doesn't seem that inappropriate for a wedding. Taking your pants off and swan-diving into the punch bowl? I've done it before and nobody kicked me out. "You were brandishing a firearm!" I'M USED TO GYPSY WEDDINGS.

Hit the jump for the good looking couple.


Thanks to Grillonic, who plans on dancing the first dance to a whale song Moby Dick recorded just for his special day. *crying* It just sounds so beautiful.

  • there is not a dry eye in this post area

  • Tyler Berg

    True NORDS!

  • LoganEcholls

    Polish wedding... English song... Not so sure this is an authentic geek themed wedding. Maybe just a song they thought sounded cool? My girlfriend likes Arab Spring political rap music, but she has no idea what they're saying most the time... For all she knows, it could be "death to America" she's rocking out on her iPod.

  • That dance they do feels incredibly familiar, like I should know it from somewhere. Maybe Firefly?

  • Fairly dissapointed there was no large choir for the dragontongue lyrics at the end...

  • you think when he got laid that night, he shouted fus roh dah to give more force? lol

  • rakoczyn

    POLAND :)

  • This is so cool. It's awesome they both share a love of TEs. Congratulations and many happy years of marriage to them.

  • what a lucky couple to both be on the same page about TES :]

  • HeatsProductions

    Neither of them have an amulet of mara :O

  • because the thieves guild was invite

  • Tomek Seweryn

    It's in Poland ;)

  •  It's near Poznań i think, but i'm not sure :D i suppose it's a tavern with a little zoo where are lots of birds and farm animals

  • Jesus Carlos Alberto Robles Re

    Malukah's real name is Judith de los Santos and you can find some of her own material on iTunes and probably some other music selling websites around the web... she is awesome!

  • Shawn Bibby


  • Matthew Bracewell

    Were there some renovations done to the Temple of Mara?

  • mooonsheild

    This is clearly fake, everyone KNOWS you can only marry at the Temple of Mara.

  • Calling dibs right now

  • Jonathan Van Limbergen

    Can I marry you just for saying that? 

  • Nice!

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