Monkey Island/Day Of The Tentacle/Grim Fandango Vets Raise $1-Million On Kickstarter For New Game

February 10, 2012


Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, two of the men behind some of the best point-and-click adventure games of all time including LucasArts classics (and personal favorites) Monkey Islands, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango, raised about $1-million in 24 hours with a Kickstarter project to produce a new game. It's set the record for the most funding in such a short period of time as well as most backers, with current funding in excess of $1.3-million and over 36,000 contributors. Donating $15 will get you the game and access to a documentary about the game's development. I just donated myself, and will spend every waking second until the game's release refreshing their website until it's available. *refresh refresh refresh refresh* Hopefully not much longer. "These things take time, dummy." Soooooooooo -- think I have time to pop a Pop Tart?

Kickstarter Project Page

Thanks to Matty C, Sean, bucknine, Alicia and tombey, who are almost excited as I am about this (you can tell I'm more excited because I pissed myself).

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