Mobile Devices To Outnumber Humans By 2016

February 16, 2012


Because what good is a world with fewer people than mobile devices (SPOILER: a way better one), technology analysts at Cisco now predict mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) will outnumber humans by 2016. Jesus -- do you know how many devices that is?! Hundreds of thousands. "Billions." BILLIONS.

The United Nations predicts that the world population will hit 7.3 billion in 2016. Cisco predicts boldly that the mobile device population will be 10 billion by then. It also predicts that the devices will be sucking down an average of 10.8 exabytes of data per month (enough data to fill 33 billion DVDs or fill 813 quadrillion text messages).

Okay, so let's so the robotic apocalypse were to start today -- how many mobile devices do you think you could destroy? "I break phones all the time." That's my boy! *pinning medal on chest* "But this is a purple heart. I'm not even injur--" *shoots in foot* You keep them occupied, I have a date with a rocketship.

Hit the jump for a graph showing estimated data traffic growth between now and 2016 as well as a cartoon video Cisco (NOT THE RAPPER) made explaining the study.


Rise of the Machines: Mobile Devices to Outnumber Humans by 2016 [dailytech]

Thanks to Rob, who once drowned two phones in a month. *swoon* My hero!

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