Massive Lord Of The Rings Character Family Tree

February 23, 2012


The Lord of the Rings Project is a massive family tree created by Swedish student Emil Johansson to highlight all the familial connections between characters in the series. It contains over 800 characters and can even be modified to display only dwarves, hobbits, muggles, etc. My family tree? My family tree looks like the kind of branch you'd make a slingshot out of (I'm from West Virginia).

The Lord of the Rings Project

Thanks to Erik S., whose family tree looks like the tree of life: full of diversity. Good for you, really. I TOOK A COUSIN TO PROM.

  • Chris Harries

    In our ceaseless mission to uncover anecdotal true to life inadequacy, we're going to examine characters from The Lord of the Rings set of three who messed everything up at key minutes. Visit our website: http://www.theessayservice....

  • Kryss LaBryn

    "Muggles"? Not in LoTR, I'm afraid. :-)

  • McfeelySmackup

    the really old editions of Return of the King already HAD geneology charts in the appendix, so this guy either wasted his time, or just plagerized.

  • But...why?

  • Ben Cliffords

     Gimli, the grandson of Gróin

  • $18889437

    The first comment to rule them all

  • You deserve throwing in to the Crack of Doom.

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