SHEPARD!: Mass Effect 3's 'Take Earth Back' Trailer

February 21, 2012


You may have already seen this if you watch the commercials between The Walking Dead or visited the internet yesterday, but zombies scare me and I was at the doctor's office all day getting probed the whole time trying to figure out out where my superhuman strength and unnaturally good looks come from. Just kidding -- weird rash. This is a trailer for Mass Effect 3 titled 'Take Earth Back'. The game comes out two weeks from today on March 6th, and I've got a whole lot of catching up to do on other games before I can even play. Get it? Because I'll have to trade them in for store credit so I can afford a new one. I...should start panhandling.

UPDATE: Bonus extended cut added as well.

Hit the jump for the I better get to bang another alien and not just Tali the lobster girl again.

Official Site

Thanks to everyone who sent this in, fingers crossed they let me bang a Krogan this time around.

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