Man Tests Insulating Foam With Blowtorch To Hand

February 2, 2012



Seen here about to do his best Human Torch, a man prepares to demonstrate the incredible insulating properties of the magical foamy goop he's developed, using a 7,000-degree flame. Then, after his hand amazingly doesn't melt off, he eats some of the stuff. So I guess it's non-toxic. That or he's already absorbed enough of the toxins that he's immune to them. Ooooooor he's a crazy person. Shit, I'd eat another handful of asbestos for $100.

Hit the jump for the please line my belly with that stuff and start pouring down the hot sauce!

Scientist Tests Super Insulating Foam By taking a welding torch to his hand and then eating it! [reddit]

Thanks to Khisk, who agrees there's no product demonstration more convincing than risking serious bodily injury.

  • James Haswell

    Anybody remember in the 90's when some british guy invented this stuff exactly like this that he called 'starlite'? That survived a nuclear blast? Yeah, that stuff disappeared pretty quick...

  • Richard Treece

    Ta-da! Acid reflux is gone!

  • Guest

    I do wonder if they'll also be recipes for this very practical foam? Insulating foam nachos anyone?

  • colpetty

    I love videos like this. Human ingenuity at its best

  • LilyGreenn

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  • Richard Treece

    You forgot to space and capitalize after a period in your spam.  Please use proper grammar and we may consider going to the link.  Thank you, and good bye.

  • quite a scientist I should say. Why my grand parents are just useful old people?

  • Soilent green is made out of people

  • Psyclone18

    I just quickly looked at the picture and thought it was a light saber read the title and loled

  • Eric Stodolnik

    you know that shit tastes nasty.

  • I'm pretty sure it's just melted Twinkies.

  • how did they melt it in the first place then?

  • rockerhud

    Of course it's edible. Isn't that the stuff they use to make Chicken McNuggets?

  • I wonder how many people wanted to try this to see what it taste like... can you say fireproof mouth?

  • But does it taste as good without cooking it?

  • That old man is a boss!

  • n_a_a_s

    pffft that's how I light cigarett..err joints

  • Joshua Schwenker

    ok, by the number of times he wiped his mouth and drank water, it tastes nasty...On a serious note, that is one bada$$ material

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