Man Drops Firecracker Down Manhole, Ignites Trapped Gas, Almost Loses Head In Front Of Children

February 7, 2012


Some kids learn by reading. Some kids learn by listening. And some kids learn by watching their idiot father drop a firecracker down a manhole and almost lose his head when it ignites all the trapped gas down there and sends the cover flying. But what did they learn -- that's the real question here. You -- you in the back with the hat. "Don't play with fireworks?" WRONG -- fireworks are one of the best toys ever invented. What about you -- kid picking his nose in the Voltron shirt. "Ninja turtle boobie-traps?" WE HAVE A WINNER! Now, come get yourself a gold star but don't touch anything else on my desk with those booger fingers or I will call your parents and told them you ate the class gerbil.

Hit the jump for faces are way overrated anyways.

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Thanks to Christian, who agrees dude definitely forgot to do the secret knock first.

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