Man Blasts Himself Point-Blank To Test Bulletproof Vest

February 24, 2012


Inb4 don't try to talk me out of it!

Seen here in the spacious (albeit untidy) interior of his double-wide, a man prepares to shoot himself point-blank in the stomach to test a bulletproof vest. No word what would have happened if the test had failed, but my guess is made this video a whole lot better.

Hit the jump for the discharging firearms in your trailer? That's a GREAT way to not get the cops called.


Thanks to Terrence, who can't wait for the video of brobro testing out the bulletproof helmet we're gonna send him (it's gonna be a Burger King crown!).

  • "that hurt" REALLY???!!! You SHOT yourself... and it F***in hurt!? WHAT A Freaking Surprise!!!

  • That's a bullet he could've saved for the zombie takeover.

  • Bruce Tahoe

    dillwad. The bullet is stopped, but it's still a supersonic punch in the gut.

  • i did that once! 

  • raving_lunatic

    i like how he just tosses a loaded gun.  It would've been epic if it misfired and hit him in the head.

  • FruityOatyBars

    Haha, yeah, because even though the chamber was clearly empty and he removed the clip before tossing it, obviously it was still loaded with magical air bullets.  Good catch there, Dick Tracy

  • raving_lunatic

    clearly removed the clip?  umm no.  He removes the clip in the last second of the movie after he retrieves the gun.

    Good Catch Dick Tracy!

  • It would have had to rearm itself and then pull its trigger all from being dropped. But perhaps I'm thinking too much into a comment by a "raving lunatic".

  • jakee308

    Didn't he realize that a vest becomes compromised after it's taken a bullet?

    He just threw away however much that vest cost him. Maybe he didn't pay for it but then someone's going to be ticked off as they ain't cheap.

    As someone else said this guy shouldn't own a firearm in the first place as he obviously doesn't possess an ounce of critical thinking or forethought.

  • DetroitRight

    Oh my....

  • MoJoTee

    Dude, You dropped your gun, then retracted into a circle walk after one shot.  It is doudbtful that any theoretical assailant would have dropped their gun after shooting you.  One would expect that over 5 more shots will be coming your way during your slow recovery period.  The most important time after being shot is almost exactly the same as being RACKED SOLIDLY, you have less than 10 seconds to win the fight by scoring against them before the pain (&death) sets in, because after that its over for you.  (Butt bravo on making a video + HITS that embarrasses all of US bitter clingers in the world.)

  • I knew he was going to live and still I was scared. Ouchie!

  • Steven Hill

    sweet double wide, though

  • Even after reading that the test didn't fail I still held my breath. That takes balls of steel.

  • Jan Kulkowski

    I'd say it takes brain of ketchup.

  • that guy has guts, no really see look right there.

  • Been done before by Johnny Knoxville in the skate video "BigBrother - Number 2"


    Knoxville didn't use a 10mm though. This guy has some serious confidence in that product to be firing such a mental round into himself.

  • captaindash

    Yeah but Knowxville literally used the cheapest vest he could buy because that's all he could afford.  There's a reason he does the gnarliest stunts on Jackass.  He's mental.  I saw an interview with the guy who filmed Johnny shooting himself to get into Big Brother.  He was so uncomfortable filming because everything about it was so sketchy.  It worked though, and so did Johnny's career.  Good on him.  

  • MoJoTee

    I'm sure that as far as energy of the ammunition goes, the larger the caliber, the more it hurts - in one small spot.  Lets remember that the equal&opposite reaction happened to the shooters hand/shoulder when the energy was transferred to the target, and it didn't harm the shooter.   As far as vests go the larger diameter 9+mm the safer it is for pistol shots - even .500 magnum.  A lower energy, but very fast, very tiny, pointy bullet will glide thru easier than any wide "magnum".  Lets give this guy a long barrel  .177 HMR (and pre-call 911!) and see if he walks around in a circle complaining that, ouch, he got the wind knocked out of him, as opposed to his spinal cord was just cut and cant feel his penis or legs, forever.

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