Lady Texting While Walking Eats It During Live News

February 17, 2012


Seen here on the far right about to wish she'd just called instead, a texting woman unknowingly prepares to fall down two stairs and eat the ground. No word on how it tasted, but my guess is pretty f***ing good considering she ate so much she couldn't back get up.

Hit the jump for the shittiest parkour trick ever.


Thanks to Sash and carrie, who don't text and walk because they like their noses they way they are: not bloody and crooked.

  • PumaFace

    I would have just left her.

  • If you're gonna be dumb ya gotta be tough.

  • Jedidiah Pakula

    I think everyone is missing it here.  Only in Canada does someone watch the news while recording it on their iPhone.  The lady just happens to fall and he just happens to be recording it?  fake.

  • Vance Aase

    Orrrrrr Tivo. doo doo dumb

  • PVR

  • Guest least she wasn't driving. :D

  • Her Facebook status - Help I've fallen and I can't get up

  • remnis

    that other lady wanted to laugh

  • Chun Tong

    At least some people go there and help her up and whatnot, our World still have some hope.

    Would be funnier if people just lol and walk by...sad, but funny.

  • yep see em all the time. stupid people texting without looking at traffic or for low steps in this case. dumbass

  • Azariel_z

    what kind of meme can you write to top that???

  • Suarga

    DumBroad tweeted: "JUST FELL, LAYING ON GROUND LOL #EPIC #CANADA #LAWSUIT @hockey @hockeyfans @maplesyrup 

  • Max Baldwin

    Would not have happened if she didn't leave the kitchen. 

  • Rocknrope

    Good.  Idiots who walk and text deserve this shit.

  • PolleN112

    I've fallen way farther way harder and just gotten up.

  • Agent539

    It's funny how many other people were on their phones at the time. Fate couldn't decide which one to go with.


  • Mandy86

    Weird. She only fell two stairs and clearly didn't hit her head, but she just lays there ...?

  • Paul Ritewood

     Hmm, the mysteries of the human body.

  • She was still typing.

  • holy blogs are all the same now. same content everywhere....

  • ivan333

    entonces.... para que ves todos? 

  • ivan333


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