Knock Knock, PEW PEW!: Gun Grip Door Handles

February 1, 2012


Door knobs: they're round and hard to grip with greasy Cheeto fingers. Guns: they're not round and fit in the palm of your hand just like nature intended. "Um...I'm not sure nature intended us to ever have guns." *pepper-spraying* YOU SHUT YOUR GRANOLA-MUNCHING MOUTH, HIPPIE! Created by Nikita Kovalev, the Bang Bang door handle was designed to look like Russian Makarov 9 mm pistols. I'm not sure if (la femme) Nikita bothered working out a mechanism for the trigger to actually unlock the door, but my guess is no. "Leave zat to zee engineerz" I imagine she said.

Hit the jump for another shot and conceptual color options.



Nikita's Behance Portfolio

A Rough Door Knob Design: Bang Bang Handle by Nikita Kovalev [freshome]
The Bang Bang Handle [incrediblethings]

Thanks to sassafras, who once sassed a frass so bad it stayed in bed crying for three days street. JESUS -- I need you on my side.

  • Jennifer J-Roc Jeffries

    where can you buy these


  • n_a_a_s

    Saw did it best when mounting it over the peephole & wiring the trigger to the doorknob ;)

  • First! and I would be afraid every time I opened the door I'd be shooting someone else haha

  • n_a_a_s

    GHEY! ..and you should be afraid everytime opening the door because GUNS KILL FIRSTARDS

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