I've Made Some Of Those: Rage Faces In Real Life

February 28, 2012


You may have already seen it, but because the internet is a barren f***ing wasteland today, here's a video of a bunch of the cartoon face memes popularized by 4chan imagined in real life. The guys who made it did a pretty good job. The guy assembling the tacos at Taco Bell today? He should be fired. I unwrapped that shit and half the cheese WASN'T EVEN IN THE TACO. WTF bro -- is your aim really that bad? Because that's pathetic if it is. *pokes myself in the eye with a nacho* "Did you really just..." Whatever -- MEXICAN FOOD ISN'T MY JOB.

Hit the jump for the come on, no forever alone?!


Thanks to Mnky3012, zorak Jacqueline, who are afraid to make rage faces because somebody could slap you on the back and make you stuck that way. FUFUFUUUUUUUU.

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