It Doesn't Count If It's Invisible!: Boeing 787 Test Pilots "Skywrite" Designation And Logo Across 13 States

February 14, 2012


Pilots for Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner used a 19-hour endurance test flight to fly in the shape of a '787' and the Boeing logo because...I dunno, I guess that's how pilots get their kicks. Me? I pretend to pass out at the controls.

Their flight's route from Washington to Iowa and back, revealed by flight tracking company Flightaware, shows the logo and airplane type in giant but extremely neat lines.

In a blog post, Boeing vice president of marketing Randy Tinseth said the flight test team "coordinated with the many air traffic control centers, choosing the routing to avoid restricted airspace."

I actually have a friend who works for Boeing who petitioned to have them draw boobs instead of the company logo but it got shot down by the man because the man is obviously more of an ass dude. Compromise on a peener?

Dreamliner test pilots go writing in the sky [seattletimes]

Thanks to Michael and Bradley, who have never written in the sky but have written in bathroom stalls before. It better not have been 'GW SUCKS'.

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