iPhone Branded Tabletop Stoves Confiscated In China

February 24, 2012


Because what CAN'T iPhones sell, police in China recently confiscated 681 stoves that had been illegally branded with the Apple phone's logo. Haha -- that, uh, that's illegal? *blocking door to iPhone toaster warehouse*

Hit the jump for some more shots of the million dollar idea.




iPhone-branded cooking stoves seized in China [dvice]

  • M. Simbajon

    iPhone can COOK! What a dumb business! Stealing identification!

  • Genius...

  • a phone built into the oven? obviously made for a woman....

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Sent from my i.... FOR F*CK'S SAKE!!!!!!!!

  • now does this latest version of the iphone come with a Navigation app? Does it even have an mp3/games application? is it wi-fi or a 4 G? because if I purchase this from china, I want my money's worth

  • PumaFace

    I can't believe people are that stupid to buy an "iPhone" stove...  you would think it would be called "iStove" or something. Gawd.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    My ear is burning... is someone talking about me?

    Nope, just using my iPhone!

  • artilleryboy

    Well now we van take pictures with our stoves as well, not just our calculators and toasters.

  • Guest

    This is the weirdest knock-off since that Thomas the Train Transformers action figure.

  • how pissed would you be if you stole a box thinking it was full of iphones,

  •  Well... considering the word STOVE is printed in caps on the box just like that, I'd say you'd be the same amount of pissed off as you'd be stupid.

  • n_a_a_s

    making phone calls from an oven would be awesome

  • Emmitt Morgans

    ...I don't know why that would be "awesome"...

  • Guest

     That was my first thought when I read the title. haha!

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