Interactive Guide To The Size Of The Known Universe

February 9, 2012


Note: No screencap is really gonna do the guide justice, you're gonna have to play with it yourself (or watch the video) to put things in perspective. A perspective your feeble mind won't comprehend!

This is a link to an interactive guide to the size of the known universe (just like the title says -- f***ing crazy!). It starts in the middle at the size of man (or a large lady), but you can use the slider bar to move left to smaller objects (down to ants, atoms, quarks, etc.) and right to larger ones (planets, galaxies, yo momma, etc.). Clicking objects will open a pop-up with more info. Now follow the link and get clicking! Oooooooor follow me home and stab me, I really don't care anymore.

Video walkthrough of the guide and a link to the interactive version after the jump.

The Scale Of The Universe 2 (interactive Flash version)
Another One
Scale of the Universe: A fantastic trip from quarks to quasars [dvice]

Thanks to skulaluks, Carla, Adam and stu, who heard if you stacked pennies all the way to the moon then you'd have enough to climb to the moon and eat the cheese there. I believe it!

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