I...Feel Faint: Do It Yourself Gory Garter Kits

February 29, 2012


Hey ladies -- want to make my roommate cry for $10? it look like your garters are tearing the flesh from your legs? Pfft, who doesn't? ME. I don't wear stockings, I wear tights. That way I can get away without wearing underwear. But enough about my sexy-f***in' ass -- introducing OpenWoundFX's $40 Gartered Leg Prosthetics. I...am still holding out for a pegleg.

The prosthetics are re-usable and easy to wash and apply for night after night of squeamish horror!

Each package contains 1 PAIR of Gartered Legs which include TWO unpainted latex prosthetics with two 2" wide garters and two 5/8" garter straps.

These prosthetics are unpainted and come with instructions on how to apply, blend and paint them as pictured. Customize your gartered legs for a variety of different applications and effects!

The prosthetics come unpainted, so you're responsible yourself for blending the color into your own legs and adding the believable gore. That...sounds hard. Granted my makeup experience is limited to dabbling in my girlfriend's powders when she's at work, but it does make me feel like Barbie.

Hit the jump for some more shots, application instructions, and a link to their Etsy site.




Official Site
Etsy Product Page
Bloodied Gartered Legs Prosthetics [laughingsquid]

Thanks to beebs, who agrees the best prosthetics are the ones that make other people feel uncomfortable. Like, I dunno, THIS ONE?! *lifts pants to reveal giant penis-shaped peg-leg*

  • Damn sexy.

  • That is amazing.. I love it, and I told my dad that I wanted it. He looked at me like I was crazy. Of course, I am.. Not like I'd be able to make it look right. I don't use makeup other than eyeliner.. SO... I'd be screwed trying to make it work. :/

  • Ru1200

    Nom, nom, nom...

  • Bill Donkervoet

    I'm impressed (or suspicious) at your knowledge of the difference between tights and stockings, GW. I still can't get it right even with my wife's constant re-teaching.

  • Sexy.  Another hole to penetrate.

  • awesome, makes me shudder

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