I Smell A Boycott (Or Is It A Giant Pretzel?): Customer Attracting Humanoid Store Display In Japanese Mall

February 8, 2012


This is a video of a humanoid robot in the window of a Japanese department store designed to interact with customers and attract more business. Oooooooor get fondled by perverts.

Japanese department store Takashimiya installed an eerily lifelike interactive robot for its Valentine's window display. The retailer called on robotics guru Hiroshi Ishiguro to provide the humanoid dummy, which can not only wink and yawn as people approach, but also display a range of emotions...While this was just part of the store's seasonal promotion, it might be a hint at where visual merchandise is going.

Oh, it's a hint at where visual merchandising is going alright. STRAIGHT DOWN THE SHITTER. Oh man, I remember going to the mall when I was a kid and some of the stores would have real-life people posing as mannequins in their windows and my brother and I would try to get them to laugh. I think I may have even showed them my penis once. Which, in hindsight, was probably illegal. For them. I was seven!

Hit the jump for I will hide in the bedding section until you close the store for the night and then BURN IT TO THE GROUND.

Hiroshi Ishiguro's android mannequin creeps out Japanese shoppers [engadget]

Thanks to cocoa, who promised me she'd hide in one of those present boxes and then jump out and choke the robot to death while I distracted it. See? Teamwork -- that's what relationships are all about. That and forming an unstoppable death squad that'll murder anything in its path. Sooooooo -- you wanna stomp this guy's head or should I?

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