How To: Build Your Own Animatronic Furry Cat Ears

February 24, 2012


Let's face it: everyone, deep down in their coal-black hearts, is a furry. Except -- EXCEPT -- for me an all the normal f***ing people who are actually scalies/featheries. CAW, CAW! This is a pair of homemade animatronic cat ears similar to the Neurowear ones except these ones aren't mind controlled, you have to push buttons. The poor man's animatronic cat ears, if you will. "I won't." Neither will I. How about you and I go knock back some beers at the bar and reminisce about the good ol' days before animatronic cat ears? "So like, last week?" Last week is a little hazy to me, it's gonna have to be more recent than that. "Yesterday?" Still nothing -- how about this morning? I think I had a cup of coffee. "You don't remember anything before lunch, do you?" It's after lunch?!

Hit the jump for a VERY emotive girl giving the ears a run through their paces, and a link to the Instructable to build your own.

Animatronic Cat Ears [instructables]
Animatronic Cat Ears of the Day []

Thanks to Catty (I see what you did there! Unless you're name really is Catty in which case I am f***ing LOST) and Mark, who don't wear any animal ears except the Mickey Mouse ones from Disney World. Pfft -- GOOFY OR GTFO.

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