Hold On To The Horns And Ride Him Like Falkor!: Fairly Accurate Skyrim Dragonborn Helmet For Sale

February 17, 2012


Etsy seller Brayud is selling this "very accurate" Skyrim helmet cast from the same models displayed on the Dragonborn statues in video game stores. Me? I just stole one of those. No, no I didn't -- I'm not a thief. But I did lie and tell a Gamestop employee I'd make him internet famous if he let me have one. And this is me holding up my end of the bargain. You hear that, Alex? WE'RE EVEN NOW. Or was it Trevor? Shit, I think it started with a C. Kevin maybe? "That's a K." Regardless, great guy -- you ladies would love him.

UPDATE: Helmet sold and there aren't anymore coming. You missed the dragonboat.

Hit the jump for shots from all the angles as well as a comparison shot from the game.





Brayud's Etsy Page
Real Skyrim Dragonborn Helmet Still Won't Save You from an Arrow to the Knee [technabob]

Thanks to Pat, who wears a traditional viking helmet so people know he means business. Pillaging business.

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