Hemingway Here I Come!: Vodka Makes You Better With Words

February 15, 2012


Vodka AND getting pulled over.

According to a recent study conducted by the University of Illinois, Chicago, boozing up to around the legal limit (~0.08 BAC) makes you gooder with words. Pfft, I could have told you that -- look at me. "You're doing a f***ing terrible job." I don't start drinking till 10!

In the study, half the participants were fed vodka until just below the current 0.08 per cent blood alcohol cutoff for legal intoxication in the United States, and half drank nothing. They were all then shown a series of three-word puzzles, and asked to find a word that linked the three words on each occasion. On average, intoxicated participants responded in 11.5 seconds, while the sober ones took 15.4 seconds.

It lends weight to the idea that artists and musicians are more creative when they've indulged. In fact, Jennifer Wiley, one of the researchers, agrees: "A composer or artist fixated on previous work may indeed find creative benefits from intoxication."

Truthfully, I've tried writing after some beers before, and let me tell you -- it's hard. Well it's not hard, it's really easy, you just wind up thinking you're a lot cleverer than you actually are. And if there's one thing I'm not after I've been drinking, it's clever. Way more attractive and charming, sure, but not clever. Now weed on the other hand, that actually does make me better at stuff like, SPOILER: cookies. I have mastered them.

Drinking Vodka Makes You Talk More Better [gizmodo]

Thanks to philip, who's convinced booze makes you better at video games. Better, or screamier?

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