Guy Wants To Break Sound Barrier With No Vehicle

February 8, 2012


Felix Baumgartner, 41, is still planning to break the sound barrier. But not in a plane or jetcar, oh no, with his body by skydiving out of a helium-ballooned capsule from 120,000 feet (36,576 meters, ~22 miles). If successful, it will mark the highest and longest skydive, as well as the first time a man has successfully dove out of a capsule 22 miles up without getting his balls stuck in the doorway. The whole shabang is being sponsored by Redbull because, even if that shit doesn't give you wings, it WILL f*** your brain up enough to make you think you can do something you shouldn't. *jumps off balcony to avoid taking the stairs*

Hit the jump for a Rebull-made video about the attempt, but not before I become the first person to break the sound barrier with their body instead. *PFFFFFFFFFFT!!* Haha -- suck it, Felix! *checking boxers for solids*

Skydiver to Attempt Record-Breaking Supersonic Space Jump [space] (with a bunch more info on the science)

Thanks to Mr. Fancy, patricia and KarmaPolice, who have zero interest in breaking the sound barrier with their bodies because they heard you turn into music if you do.

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