Guy Snowboarding At Night In An LED Lightsuit

February 17, 2012


This is an artistically shot video by Jacob Sutton of a guy shredding some fresh pow-pow at night wearing a suit covered in LEDs. That's pretty much it. One thing's for certain though, if brobro keeps this up he might wind up gaining the unwanted attention of some Yetis. And those Yetis -- they will want to have sex with him.

Hit the jump for both Youtube and Vimeo versions of the look out -- TREE!

Jacob Sutton brings high-art to snowboarding with L.E.D suit [cbsnews]

Thanks to Craig, dervish and Jason, who don't do anything after dark but stay inside and pray vampires don't come for them.

  • if you press ctrl+alt+⌘+8 and watch this it actually looks normal/like a blizzard

  • James Ash

    Isn't that... the SILVER SURFER! :O

  • Kyle Ball

    Okay, this is awesome... What's the name of the song playing in the background?

  • LED Surfer? More like Light Ninja.
    Damn, I want one of those!

  • Jadis

    now imagine it in COLOR! Or with flashing lights/logos/statements/pictures ... The possibilities will light up your brain (and the snow)

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Dude's going at light-speed!

  • Guest

    That was nuts! Awesome idea for a suit.

  • n_a_a_s

    FUCKING AWESOME, LOVE IT GW!!!!!!!!  Best post all week on geekologie, suck it lego

  • Cory Cleek

     I completely concur with this dude. 

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