Now That's A Party: Apple Cyborg/Steve Jobs Cosplay

February 10, 2012


This is a mysterious picture that just cropped up from China featuring a couple Apple fanboys cosplaying as a Mac cyborg and fungal-bearded Steve Jobs. Plus Amelia Earhart is trying to sneak by on the right. One thing's for certain -- this dynamic duo wants to make it clear that they're number 1. Number 1 at what is anybody's guess, but I suspect it's flashing the "we're number 1" sign. Oh yeah? Maybe cause you've never seen mine! *BOOSH* "That's three, GW." I'm working on it!

Hit the jump for a full body shot.


The Most Bad-Ass Apple Fanboy in China [micgadget]
Here's a Cyborg Made Out of Old Macs [geekosystem]

Thanks to Georg, who you have to keep an eye on or he'll eat your computer parts when you're not paying attention.

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