Get In The Halfpipe!: A Mind-Controlled Skateboard

February 28, 2012


This is of the guys from Chaotic Moon Labs (pfft -- your chaotic moon has nothing on the one in Majora's Mask!) demonstrating their mind-controlled skateboard. Basically you put on the neurosensor headset, stand on the board, then think of a distant point. The board will go forward, and faster depending on how far away the point is. To slow down and stop, you imagine the point you wanted to travel to becoming closer and closer, until you're there. To die, you think 'GO GO GO -- VROOM VROOM VROOM!' while aimed at a cliff.

Hit the jump for the demo.

Mind-reading skateboard gets cues from neuroheadset [physorg]

Thanks to Jasper and daniel, who agree that, on some level, all skateboards are mind-controlled. Plus gravity.

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