Found Comic Collection Contains 44 Of 100 Top Golden-Age Comics, Expected To Fetch $2-Million

February 22, 2012


A 345-piece comic book collection discovered when Michael Rorrer was cleaning the house of his recently deceased aunt was discovered to contain 44 of the top 100 golden-age comics including Action Comics #1 (Superman's first appearance), Detective Comics #27 (Batman's first appearance) and Captain America #2 (Captain America's, get this -- SECOND appearance). Man, I didn't find anything cool cleaning out my aunt's apartment but a cat carcass. :/

Experts say the comics are significant not only for the number of rare books, but also because they were kept in such good condition and because they were kept for all of these years by a man who bought them as a boy.

"There were some really hard to find books that were in really, really great condition," said Paul Litch, the primary grader at Certified Guaranty Company, an independent certification service for comic books.

"You can see it was a real collection," Litch said. "Someone really cared about these and kept them in good shape."

The comics are going up for auction and are expected to pull in somewhere in the neighborhood of $2-million. All proceeds will go to charity. Just kidding, all proceeds will go to Michael and his brother telling their bosses to "eat shit" when they quit their jobs.

Childhood comic collection expected to fetch $2M [comcast]

Thanks to Lord Tarl, who doesn't need to sell his comic collection because he's a lord. Me? I'm a baron.

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