For The Ladies: Anatomically Correct Muscle Leggings

February 8, 2012


Inb4 break a leg, getting a leg up, vagina muscles look terrifying, my girl dog lifts her leg to pee on trees like a guy dog, etc, etc.

Black Milk, best known for being entirely unsafe to drink, is back at the crazy leggings/bathing suit game, this time with a pair of leggings that make it look like your muscles are showing. And speaking of muscles showing *flexing* WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW. "Not impressed." Did I say gun show? Because I meant gem & mineral show. CHISELED GRANITE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. "Pfft, more like talc." What if I told you I have a kidney stone?

Hit the jump for more angles, as well as bonus bone leggings, Tetris ones, and a Mario Watchmen bathing suit.









Black Milk Product Site
Meat Leggings [buzzfeed]
Show Some Leg: Anatomical Muscle Leggings [incrediblethings]

Thanks to beebs, who tried to convince me she was wearing naked-lady leggings until I realized she was for real IN THE BUFF. Best day ever.

  • This is perfect! We can use this in our Kinesiology and Anatomy Labs!

  • Slim Goodbody.

  • Holy freaking shit. I was wondering when this would happen.

    The girl in the bones leggings and Mario watchmen is my girlfriend xD

  • Audwin Short

    I'm back and just in freakin' time. What is WRONG with people?? People ruin everything and now they want to ruin sex?!  No one wants to see this...

    Shortwave Industries:  Dammit, no one wants to see this! So unsexy...

  • I quite like the bone ones.

  • Um, those muscle ones are not even close to accurate. 

  • JimmyThr

    Is it weird that i find the first one very arousing?

  • DAYUM!

  • rebekahshurman

    I was literally just going to send this tip. Dammit.

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