Foot-Long Sea Insect Pulled Up From The Deep

February 3, 2012


This shrimpy looking beast was dragged up from the ocean floor 4-miles down off the coast of New Zealand. But it's not a shrimp, it's an amphipod, a group of insect-like organisms that rarely grow larger than a sea-monkey. And speaking of sea-monkeys-- "They go bananas for buried treasure?" You. Ruin. Everything.

...These tiny animals don't often grow more than 1cm in length, except the Supergiant viariety of course, which can exceed 11 inches head to tail. "They actually don't feel real," Alan Jamieson, University of Aberdeen lecturer and expedition leader, told OurAmazingPlanet of the November 2011 find. "They feel like plastic toys. They have a waxy texture to them."

The creature, along with other specimens, was captured in a deep-water trap located four miles down in the Kermadec Trench, one of the deepest on Earth. "We pulled up the trap, and lying among the fish were these absolutely massive amphipods, and there was no inkling whatsoever that these things should be there," said Jamieson.

No kidding, Alan. Didn't you ever stop to think that maybe you didn't expect them to be there because they SHOULDN'T have been there? Know what I'm saying? I'm saying they belong on my plate! Now, somebody run to Costco for cocktail sauce, I'll call Old Bay and see if we can't get a 55-gallon drum.

What the Hell Did Researchers Pull from the Depths of New Zealand's Seas? [gizmodo]

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