First New Super Nintendo Game In 15 Years Coming

February 29, 2012


Nightmare Busters, a Super Nintendo game under development in 1995 but eventually scrapped, will apparently see the light of day after all. The Geekologie troll I have locked up in my castle dungeon? Not a chance. MWAHAHA -- MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *lightning crashes* "That was just you flicking a lamp on and off." You. ruin. EVERYTHING.

Although a rare bootleg version Nightmare Busters has enjoyed some acclaim among hardcore SNES enthusiasts, Super Fighter Team has purchased all the necessary rights to the game and is currently completing it for an official cartridge release, including box and manual.

Nightmare Busters is due out in 2013.

The game is limited to an initial run of 600 and a cartridge will set you back a staggering $68, but still -- it would be pretty cool to see more game development for old systems. Also, a woman with three titties flash a doughnut shop full of cops. "Dream big or die in a nightmare" the guy I grew up thinking was my grandpa (but turned out not to be) always used to say.

Hit the jump for some gameplay footage and a link to the preorder site.

Official Site (with pre-order)
New Super Nintendo Game of the Day []

Thanks to trina and Mark, who're both praying for new Dreamcast games. Omg -- SAME.

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