First New Super Nintendo Game In 15 Years Coming

February 29, 2012


Nightmare Busters, a Super Nintendo game under development in 1995 but eventually scrapped, will apparently see the light of day after all. The Geekologie troll I have locked up in my castle dungeon? Not a chance. MWAHAHA -- MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *lightning crashes* "That was just you flicking a lamp on and off." You. ruin. EVERYTHING.

Although a rare bootleg version Nightmare Busters has enjoyed some acclaim among hardcore SNES enthusiasts, Super Fighter Team has purchased all the necessary rights to the game and is currently completing it for an official cartridge release, including box and manual.

Nightmare Busters is due out in 2013.

The game is limited to an initial run of 600 and a cartridge will set you back a staggering $68, but still -- it would be pretty cool to see more game development for old systems. Also, a woman with three titties flash a doughnut shop full of cops. "Dream big or die in a nightmare" the guy I grew up thinking was my grandpa (but turned out not to be) always used to say.

Hit the jump for some gameplay footage and a link to the preorder site.

Official Site (with pre-order)
New Super Nintendo Game of the Day []

Thanks to trina and Mark, who're both praying for new Dreamcast games. Omg -- SAME.

  • anon312456789403
  • Mighty Molecule

    in all seriousness, i'd be more inclined to drop $68 bones on a genuine snes chrono trigger sequel than another fucking cod iteration this holiday season. this might not apply to all, nor even remotely equal a billion-dollar profit seen by AAA titles, but enough to merit a return on investment. this cannot be a novel idea...

  • Guest

    Interesting style... ah how I enjoyed the old school games. For those who don't really own a SNES, perhaps they'll sell a ROM copy for the emulators (legally downloaded or whatever)?

  • DapperNathaniel

    It's funny how many of those sprites were stolen from other games. the body on fire was from street fighter 2, the items mostly look like Pagemaster, and I believe even the background was stolen from some other game...

  • grimbldoo

    Maybe the sprites were royalty free. But yeah, not much originality 

  • Niché market deployed

  • Fuck the Haters! Great Job! Nothing like a 2D plataformer! Gotta Love them

  • grimbldoo

    I've known about this since yesterday, Ha!

  • So people will pay $70 for this - will then say "ahh, $70 well spent" - will then apply for Government health care, which I will pay for ...

    What I'm saying is GET A JOB, LOSERS!

  • Thanks are also paying for my retirement too.  Keep working Steve!

  • grimbldoo

    They have one and that's why they are able to spend $70 on a game from an old system.

  • Nat porridge

    yeah. I thought this was a good idea in principle. But that looks pretty uninspired. Pretty generic '90s side-scroller gameplay. And the character designs leave something to be desired.

  • Always Maddoc

    I actually think the art is nice looking, and the music is nothing like I've ever heard on the super nintendo.

  • grimbldoo

    You can't do much else on the SNES

  • Garret


  • one_more_time101

    can you please get rid of the video adverts that play on there own. The video is fine its just the sound cause it will come on while watching a video.

  • Sure this isn't the game adaption of the movie Leprechaun?

  • Adam

    Are there even 600 people who still own a working SNES?

  • I still have a working SNES - though I play many of the games on my PSP-3000. It's lilac by the way. :)

  • Jacob Huntley

     me lol

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