First Look At LEGO Minecraft, Available For Pre-Order

February 16, 2012


Here's the first official look at the upcoming LEGO Minecraft set and, SURPRISE!: It's every bit as blocky as you imagined. Unless you imagined it round like a balloon, in which case you're a very special person. Like, probably should have repeated a grade special. The 430-piece set actually divides into four smaller sections so you can see inside your mine or whatever and use it as a hiding spot to stash money/drugs from your roommates.

Help Steve survive his first night in a strange new world. Avoid the creeper and start mining for resources that will help you survive and thrive. Configure your four micro-scale LEGO Minecraft modules any way you like. Build your own mines and hills, and expand your world with multiple sets. Includes four LEGO Minecraft modules, hidden resources, extra pieces for wood, dirt, and stone, two "Micro Mobs" Steve and a creeper.

The set ships this summer, but is available for $35 pre-order now to guarantee you get your hands on one. To guarantee you get your hands on me? Nothing, I'm not for sale. "Really? Because your tag says CLEARANCE". a terrible slave.

Hit the jump for some more shots including the set broken into its sections, and a link to J!NX's pre-order site.






LEGO Minecraft Micro World set officially unveiled, includes Micro Mobs [brothers-brick]
J!NX Pre-Order Site

Thanks to JBantha and Andrew, who both minearts AND crafts.

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