Firewater In The Hole!: Dragon Head Drink Steins

February 2, 2012


♫ Dragon, dragon, dragon -- I made you out of clay

and when you're dry and ready -- villages we shall slay ♫

This is a 22-oz dragon head stein from Etsy seller CHISCHILLY POTTERY. They come in a variety of finishes, will set you back $45 apiece, and are the perfect vessel to drink sacred fairy blood out of during your ritual to resurrect the dark lord or whatever. Me? I'm not into black magic. I'm into regular ol' MAGIC magic. Watch, I'll pull a quarter from your ear. "I can already see it in your hand." Which one? "Your right one." This one? "That's your left." That's it guys -- shows over, this guy's being an @$$hole. Sorry, no refunds. ABACRAZOOM! *drops smoke bomb* "That was a stink bomb." *hustling to getaway van*

Hit the jump for all the angles including how it sits at rest.





Etsy Product Site
Custom Dragon Beer Steins are Designed to Absorb Your Drunken Soul [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Terry, who once tried resurrecting a powerful warlock by drinking unicorn tears out of a sippy cup and wound up with zero warlock and a bad case of diarrhea.

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