Fire In Your Hole!: Hot As Hell Naga Chilli Vodka

February 28, 2012


Naga Chilli Vodka is vodka infused with naga chillis. Naga chillis are hot as shit. The finished product rates a solid 100,000 units on the Scovilles scale (a measure of capsaicin content). For some references everyone can appreciate, Sriracha sauce is only 2,200 SHU's, and Taco Bell Fire sauce a pathetic 500. Pfft -- and you have the nerve to call it fire! For shame, Taco Bell (but I'm still coming for lunch). No idea what the hell the purpose of hot-as-hell vodka is, but who knows, maybe it's good in a Bloody Mary. The only thing I KNOW FOR A FACT it would be good in is an unsuspecting friend's mouth. Same for boogers!

Hit the jump for some news reporters f***ing their mouths up with the stuff. No fair -- drinking on air is like my dream job!

Product Page
Fire Water: Naga Chilli Vodka [incrediblethings]

Thanks to PYY, who agrees if you can't stand the heat DO NOT try funneling chilli vodka up your b-hole.

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