Fancy Restaurant Offers Edible Helium Balloons

February 17, 2012


Seen here the exact moment he realizes they replaced the helium with nerve gas, a man huffs an edible dessert balloon at Alinea in Chicago. You know, because that's a real thing now. God, whatever happened to f***ing cake? First of all, a regular rubber balloon is also edible provided you don't mind blowing it up with your b-hole the day after and scaring yourself off the shitter when it explodes. Secondly, you remember those funny-smelling balloons you used to make with a little straw and the goo in the metal tube? I used to eat those all the time. But enough bragging, I have a voice so deep it would take a balloon the size of a Macy's Thanksgiving Day float to make me sound like a regular man. 'God voice' they like to call me. "Nobody calls you that." Start now?

Hit the jump for a video of the balloon being made and consumed.

Watch the Chefs at Alinea Make an Edible Helium Balloon [eater]

Thanks to Mih0, who's cool with a piece of apple cobbler.

  • Guest

    During the "Happy Hour" they should use Nitrous oxide. :D

  • rikster81


  • carstenso

    The geek version of blue-fin tuna then?

  • carstenso

    The geeky version of blue-fin Tuna then?

  • Cool to try, not cool to satisfy my sweet tooth needs -_- ...

  • I just don't see this satisfying my sweet tooth.

  • Lee McMillan

    That is actual shit. I mean, where the fuck is my tiramisu??

  • lorobird

    looks quite fun actually!

  • I'll take this and a doritos taco, provided the balloon is also around $1.29

  • xolifer

    I inhaled a taun taun once.

  • Jadis

    this would be an awesome first date. -_0

  • Matt Anderson

    GW, I love you so much. Please never stop writing =D

  • Don't these idiots know that helium is in short supply and we need it all for cool stuff like electromagnets and lasers and stuff?

  • n_a_a_s

    big god damn deal....   who gives a crap about helium unless you're at your friends' 13th birthday party?  If they offered nitrous or what a west coast vaporizer can do, that'd be another story - but helium?  You're better off buying a dozen whip cream canisters & having a left hand party in the closet

  • Isn't helium dangerous when inhaled? Or is that when you have too much helium that it's dangerous?

  • Tony S

    Its very similar in composition to Oxygen so the body is tricked and does not automatically struggle for breath. Game Over.

  • n_a_a_s

      no, it's barium that's dangerous to inhale

  • Carbon monoxide is also dangerous to inhale.

  • carbon monoxide balloons... that would be a good prank to pull at this restaurant. 

  • n_a_a_s

     hehehehe, yeah it would

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