Eye Candy: Porcelain Fighting Figures Dropped And Photographed The Moment Of Shattering

February 29, 2012


This is a series of photographs by German artist Martin Klimas of a bunch of porcelain fighting figures the moment of impact after being dropped (the sound of the crash sets off the camera). It makes it look like the little figures are really kicking each other's asses. But they're not, they're just breaking on the floor. Or ARE they? I think I heard one scream. "That was your stomach growling." My stomach, or my pet lion? "You don't have a pet lion." King Goldenmane begs to differ -- he will eat you. "You really don't live in reality, do you?" As little as possible.

Hit the jump for more, including a bonus dragon at the end, but check out Martin's website for the rest, as well as his other art.







Martin's Website
Epic Action Photos of Porcelain Figurines Shattering Against the Ground [petapixel]

Thanks to Dominic, who breaks things all the time but never takes pictures.

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