Earth Blocks: Expensive, Recycled Material LEGOs

February 8, 2012


Looking for a LEGO alternative that's a little more earth friendly? Of course you're not. You're not looking for anything but a low calorie beer that'll still get you drunk but doesn't taste like complete ass. Ha -- I know you better than you know yourself! Just kidding, I'm projecting. Enter Earth Blocks, fake LEGO blocks that come in one size, are made from recycled materials like coffee beans, cedar sawdust and tree bark, and cost $30 for 50. *spitting recycled coffee bean coffee* $30 for 50?! Good lord. You want some earth friendly LEGO blocks on the cheap? I'm your man. "Are those TURDS?" Straight from the cat's ass. You can pretend they're Lincoln Logs if you don't like LEGOs.

Hit the jump for a closeup.


Product Site
From Earth to Desk Toy [wallstreetjournal]
Toy building blocks now eco instead of day-glow [dvice]

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