"Dude, That Was Like A Firecracker!": Popping Oxyhydrogen Bubbles With A Propane Torch

February 16, 2012


Seen here looking like the beginning of a very promising 4th of July BBQ, two older gentlemen create oxyhydrogen gas (a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen) bubbles and prepare to pop them with a blowtorch. Cooooool -- I wanna try! *blows bubble-gum bubble, melts face off* Per video transcription:

Little kid: Dude, that was like a firecracker! That was aweeeeesome!
Peter: Well the machine...will bubble. We'll wait for another one.
Wife: Nope, that's it Peter!
Peter: That's it.
Wife: That's it -- you're done!

AHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHA!! You are sooooooooooo f***ing done, Peter!

Hit the jump for the boom-boom.


Thanks to Terry, who pops bubbles the old fashioned way: with a toy boat in the bathtub.

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