Dragonbarking: Skyrim Canine Cosplay

February 6, 2012


Facebook user (really descriptive, I know) Alicia Scantlin went and crocheted Skyrim costumes for her dogs. These are them. There's a Dragonborn and a dragon. Can you guess which dog she likes better? Not the dragon. You can tell by the picture he's embarrassed. Alicia plans on selling custom-sized versions of the costumes on eBay, so follow the link back to her Facebook and stay tuned for that if you're interested. Chloe? Chloe doesn't like playing dressup. Do you Chloe? "...She's licking her b-hole." That means she likes the food I feed her!

Hit the jump for a couple more including the costumes not on. Your dogs are NAKED.




Facebook Photos
Beagle Took Arrow To The Knee [buzzfeed]

Thanks to hisplat (??) and Melissa, whose dogs are only into Fallout cosplay.

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