Dragonbarking: Skyrim Canine Cosplay

February 6, 2012


Facebook user (really descriptive, I know) Alicia Scantlin went and crocheted Skyrim costumes for her dogs. These are them. There's a Dragonborn and a dragon. Can you guess which dog she likes better? Not the dragon. You can tell by the picture he's embarrassed. Alicia plans on selling custom-sized versions of the costumes on eBay, so follow the link back to her Facebook and stay tuned for that if you're interested. Chloe? Chloe doesn't like playing dressup. Do you Chloe? "...She's licking her b-hole." That means she likes the food I feed her!

Hit the jump for a couple more including the costumes not on. Your dogs are NAKED.




Facebook Photos
Beagle Took Arrow To The Knee [buzzfeed]

Thanks to hisplat (??) and Melissa, whose dogs are only into Fallout cosplay.

  • Nika Karuso

    What can be cutter than dogs in Skyrim costumes? Maybe cats? I think so. Costumes done grate. Still thinking it's comfortable for dogs, 'cause i'm literally animal saver! Visit for more cosplay essaycool.

  • karen rossi

    I am very impressed with this cosplay. There is nothing cuter than
    dogs and cosplay. Thanks for the pictures.

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  • Beware the dragonborn comes in insanely cute puppy form. Can you post how you’ve made it somewhere?

  • Beware the dragonborn comes in insanely cute puppy form. Can you post how you’ve made it somewhere?
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  • This is the greatest thing ever. There is nothing better than cosplaying dogs. The world makes sense again!
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  • Beware, beware the dragonborn comes. Amazing costumes, they look absolutely adorable in those. Great work making costumes.

  • Oh my goodness they are so cute yet fierce in those costumes. Incredible sewing work.
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  • Leona

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  • Marko

    They should put some "Giant" loins on any giant breed of dog. haha Would be awesome to see all these dog)
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  • Kathy

    These dogs are so funny. Their clothes are so cute, like for little babies.
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  • Betsy McMahon

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  • Lauren

    If I had a dog, I would swamp it in this. It would wear this until it rotted and fell off, and then I'd make some more. 

  • This would be much better if they were cats. just saying.

  • Kay


  • dont listen to the other people. this is creative and the armor is light weight. They look cute, and if someone made me an outfit like that I would love it :D

  • you are entirely right...these dogs are lucky...:)

  • So, wait, are you a dog? A dog who can type and use computers and the internet and such?
    Now that is impressive!

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