Sexy Dinosaur Museum

February 20, 2012


Inb4 what's a dong lut?

Note: Spending President's Day at doctor's appointments, back tomorrow FULL BLAST.

I've actually known about Don Glut's dinosaur museum for awhile but wasn't willing to share because, well, now that CAN'T KEEP A SECRET, his server are forever crashing. Anyway, Don Glut is a dinosaur lover best known for writing 130 episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, 20 of Transformers, some Dino-Riders, and directing the 1996 b-movie classic 'Dinosaur Valley Girls'. But he will die known as the pervert with a dinosaur museum made up almost entirely of objects that came out of cereal boxes and/or New Mexico gas stations. I can't tell if he's a genius or just a pervert, but one thing's for certain: there seems to be a never-ending supply of Cragislist models wherever he lives. His website contains tons and tons of photographs of his collection, lovingly displayed by sultry looking models women regretting they responded to Don's ad. It's basically the fourth best site on the internet.

Hit the jump for some choice pics of the collection, along with links to his website which will undoubtedly go in and out while people decide if dino eroticism is right for them.














Don Glut's Dinosaur Museum (tour starts here, click exhibits for the galleries, each picture after that leads to a mini-gallery)
Don Glut's slightly more NSFW Museum Wing (topless but breasts covered)
Dinosaurs + Confused Bikini Models = The Internet's New Strangest Site [io9]

Thanks to atheistgirl, JBantha and Joel, who all promised to take me to the museum on a field trip. YES -- I'll start packing our sack lunches.

  • Great information there, I have always wondered the right way to go about this, thanks for showing me! Some of them points are really straight forward but all too often you will over look them.

  • Jon

    so many dinos

  • london escorts agency

    Yes, i am agree with you that the Dinosaur museum is very sexy. I saw some pictures of that museum in above. All the girls looks very sexy on it.

  • wow .. .just ... some really ugly, ugly women ...

  • am i the only one who didnt find most of these girls that hot? some looked like men to me....

  • The Natural History Museum would get lots more visitors if it advertised like this - the 'wrong' sort of visitors probably, but more visitors non the less.
    Also, I just think this was an excuse for him to photograph women in various states of undress.
    "Yeah, yeah. It's just the dinosaur stuff I'm interested in. Take your top off."

  • CarnAge


  • Joseph Fioramonti

    did you "cough"? everything alright down there?

  • at least he didn't call it dinodonglut

    dino dong slut

    girls who bone fossils.
    then agin dong sluts dinosaurs is prolly worser as that would be geriatric dong sluts.
      aka sabertoothcougers.
    aka  the mother of the mother of the hot young girl who's boyfriend she tries to steal.*

     - - - - - -- - - - - -
    *assuming i got it right and a cougar would be the mother trying to steel her daugher's bf i think. so yeah.)

  • derp.

    *remove and reposted as a reply the right way*

  • Craigslist Ad:

    Models Needed! 
    Must like dinosaurs and plaid skirts!

  • is it just me or did i see most of these girls in his movies?

    ex mrskin/dinosaur-valley-girls-nude-scenes-t6412.html and same with dinoriders the erotic rites of countess dracula the mummy's kiss the mummy's kiss2 ect

    also no you aren't teh only one who read the url that way

  • I say backwards. I mean most of his movie girls were in the museum too

  • painweaver

    So what are the other three "best sites on the internet"??

  • geekologie, bacontits and

  • painweaver

    the former was obvious.

  • Am I the only one who read it as "Dong Slut Dinosaurs"?

  • RareAwesomeman

     oddly enough I didn't see it, but I kept rereading it because that is what I thought it was supposed to say

  • James A

     Completely on the same page as you.

  •  Oh yea definitely saw dong sluts

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