Depressing: Kids These Days (Are Dumb As $#!7)

February 3, 2012


OMG we're so embarrassed -- let's eat our hands!

This is a video of some guy (he says he's a student but I suspect he's a prowler) traveling around a highschool asking some reaaaaaaaally basic trivia questions and all the kids getting them wrong. It's depressing. The thought that these kids are supposed to grow up and become contributing members of society makes me want to crawl back into bed and stay there till I starve to death. It's that bad. But you young Geekologie Readers -- you still have hope. With my guidance you can grow up not only to succeed, but Excel. "The spreadsheet program?" Haha, yeah -- it's the only one I know.

Hit the jump for the what ARE they teaching you in school these days?

'Lunch Scholars' Video Reveals American Teens Can't Answer Basic [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to Amanda, who sees a bright future for these kids in the form of those giant light-up fast food restaurant signs.

  • Dylangelo

    This is what happens when they teach civil rights movement every year from kindergarten to senior year, holocaust every year from 6th grade up, and all of 10 minutes on every other important thing to ever happen.

  • I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • john johnman

    To be honest, why does history matter? In a world in which we are constantly moving forward... we should be preparing ourselves for the future not learning the past. But of course one can argue that learning the past is the best way into the future...  

  •  people say that all the time.. i call them history teachers and 90% of the time I think they're idiots for that belief.

  • Vladeon

    If you don't learn the past, you lose out on valuable information for the future. Learning about the past is how we maintain our species. If the past was not important, no one would know how to procreate and we'd all be burning our dicks off with lighters. Similarly to learning not to kill ourselves with fire by accidentally burning ourselves, our economies grow stronger with a mindful history. e.g.  The stock market crash of the 20's. Afterward, we realized that there should be laws against cashing money that's only speculated to exist in the future.

    Short story is this, learning from the past may not keep us from repeating the same mistakes all the time, but it will some of the time. Therefore, it's necessary.

  • Asinus

    They do these things every couple years for almost eternity. You can cherry pick morons from any population.

  • Asinus

    /facepalm. Read the original post.

  • wow..... that was pretty sad to watch.... I'm Canadian and I anwered some of those questions right....

  • yay all these kids are f**ktards mwhahahahah.... girlfriend and i laughed.. she says kids like that deserve to be shot. 

  • Al

    Point is: Republicans tend to have a lower IQ and are more ignorant (the voters, that is) whereas more liberal people tend to have higher IQs and are BETTER educated (as in actually learn something through formal education and are better informed as a result). That guy who has the billion dollar company is not better educated nor is he necessarily more intelligent, he just has the right personality.

  • Shermdawg

    No child left behind, right? Hah!

  • Hamish Fox

    To be fair, I couldn't get half of them either. Then again, I'm not American.

  • Guy hosting it should be on TV. 


  • Ian Houldsworth


    that's a state, nevermind.

  • Bryan Villeda

    was that a threat at the end? lol

  • So sad...

  • apeman505

    One: I notice that all the questions are history/geograpy/social studies questions--not exactly the most applied subjects.

    Two: We can't be certain that they didn't interview 100 students and pick the worst out of all of them, and...

    Three: I hate how friggin' smug he is at the end, trying to convince the kids not to file any lawsuits against him. He even said, "MY MOM IS A LAWYER?" What a douche....

  • Shaun9lives

    One:  Don't make excuses for these kids.  They're dumb as bricks and seem to be cheerfully content in their ignorance.  I'm sure many of them will soon enjoy exciting careers that involve paper hats and the phrase, "would you like fries with that?"  

    Two:  Well, your probably right on that one.  (Or at least I really hope you are.)  Olympia High School has nearly 2000 students and an admirable record of student performance.  This video only showcases a handful.  I hope they are just the bottom of the barrel, not representative of the greater student population.

    Three:  After spending a day talking to these mental midgets, can you blame the kid for being smug?  

  • 4954 Miles

    This is super basic stuff that kids learn all throughout elementary, middle, AND high school. There is no excuse for not knowing these things. Calling them 'not applicable' does not count.

    However, you definitely have a point for number two. I wouldn't be surprised if you're right. We only heard answers from a select few.

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