Depressing: Kids These Days (Are Dumb As $#!7)

February 3, 2012


OMG we're so embarrassed -- let's eat our hands!

This is a video of some guy (he says he's a student but I suspect he's a prowler) traveling around a highschool asking some reaaaaaaaally basic trivia questions and all the kids getting them wrong. It's depressing. The thought that these kids are supposed to grow up and become contributing members of society makes me want to crawl back into bed and stay there till I starve to death. It's that bad. But you young Geekologie Readers -- you still have hope. With my guidance you can grow up not only to succeed, but Excel. "The spreadsheet program?" Haha, yeah -- it's the only one I know.

Hit the jump for the what ARE they teaching you in school these days?

'Lunch Scholars' Video Reveals American Teens Can't Answer Basic [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to Amanda, who sees a bright future for these kids in the form of those giant light-up fast food restaurant signs.

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