Death-Defying Stunts By India's Warriors Of Goja

February 1, 2012


WARNING: Video is a must-watch but kinda graphic although it did play on TV so it can't be that bad, right? WRONG. God, those poor judges.

Hoooooooooooooooly shit. This is a video of the Warriors of Goja performing on the Indian equivalent of America's Got Talent, and let me tell you -- America has F***ING ZERO TALENT compared to these guys. They break fluorescent light bulbs on themselves then eat them, have bricks smashed on their chests with spiked hammers, take bamboo sword slashes to the throat, bend metal rods with their chests, make a bed of nails sandwich, and my personal favorite -- get crushed by a compact car while a motorcycle speeds over your face. I've honestly never felt like a bigger pussy in my life. Or saner. I give it a solid 5 out of 5 denied life insurance policies.

Hit the jump for the 7-minutes of near death, but search 'Warriors of Goja' on Youtube for even more. I think they won the show maybe?


Thanks to Michelle, who agrees these guys make my annual Neighborhood Stunt Spectacular look like a shitty dog & pony show.

  • JimmyThr

    I can't wait to see india invade a country, but i sure as hell hope it's not mine.
    What are you gonna do if the kamikaze pilot is still alive after crashing the plane?

  • so.... those bulbs contain mercury vapors. and mercury poisoning causes insanity (and eventual death). coincidence? these guys are going to either die of mercury poisoning or trying (literally) insane stunts.

  • Michael Jones

    I came for the beards. I stayed for the awesome music!

  • Michael Jones

    I came for the beards. I stayed for the awesome music!

  • taran420

    LOL - WTH was that?

    Awesomeness, that's what.

  • wow american idol in India is totally better if they try to kill each other

  • Mike Perry

    Yup... that's how ya blow the roof off the place! Bloody faces/hands/bodies and all.

  • Ian Houldsworth

    i don't know anything about fashon, but i'm pretty sure that dude is wearing the same brand as bruno

  • Meanwhile in India.

  • At the beginning. "Diddly daddly doddly huah waaaaaa."

  • None

    Well, for once the shoe is on the other foot... I saw this on MSN 2 weeks ago. However, also about 2 weeks ago, they posted something that was on here a year ago. SO I guess Geekologie wins.

  • Dude is just a straight beast

  • McfeelySmackup

    If nothing else the mercury poisoning is totally worth it.  Idiots.

  • this was probably the most incredible thing I've seen.

  • Liang Li

    the aristocrats???:-O

  • Lmao, they're just too hardcore. The world is not ready.

  • 7-minutes of total awesomeness

  • channingz

    if nothing else, these guys are total badasses

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